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Chu Yun feast, Zhongxiang’s Dragon Boat Festival: A cultural feast of thousands of years

#01   Dragon Boat Festival to eat zongzi





Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival, we can not forget the great patriotic poet —— Qu Yuan! It is said that he was buried in Miluo water on the fifth day of May.

In order to commemorate him, the people of the State of Chu have put rice with bamboo tubes into the water to pay tribute to him.

According to historical records, on the fifth day of the fifth month in 278 BC, when Qu Yuan heard of the news that the capital of Chu was conquered by the Qin army, he was worried about the country and the people. After writing his last work 《Huai Sha》, he jumped into the Miluo River with a stone and died in his life.


Zongzi —— Dragon Boat Festival traditional food, it and the story of Qu Yuan can have a close connection. Zongzi, is the glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, after cooking to become a delicious food.Legend has it that in order to avoid the fish, shrimp and silkworms eating Qu Yuan's body, the local people threw zongzi into the river and let the fish, shrimp and silkworms eat zongzi first to protect Qu Yuan's body.

Nowadays, zongzi has become one of the indispensable representatives of the Dragon Boat Festival.Every year on the Dragon Boat Festival, people will pack a variety of flavors of zongzi, bacon zongzi, bean paste zongzi, jujube paste zongzi and so on, countless! We will also share the zongzi together, and family, friends reunion together, miss Qu Yuan's loyalty and patriotism, enjoy the delicious zongzi, to celebrate this important festival together!

#02   The founder of Chinese romantic literature, —— Qu Yuan



Qu Yuan (340 BC- -278 BC) was born in Danyang, the State of Chu (in today's Yichang City, Hubei Province). He was the greatest patriotic poet of the Warring States Period.The founder and representative writer of 《Chu Ci》 opened up the tradition of "vanilla beauty" and was known as the "ancestor of Chu Ci". The famous writers of Chu ci—— Song Yu, Tang Le and JingChai were all influenced by Qu Yuan.

In the fourth year of King Shenliang of Zhou (317 BC), Qu Yuan served as Zuo Tu of King Huai of Chu, engaged in reform, formulating and issuing various decrees.He advocated that he advocated to uphold the wise, improve the law, and exert external forces to fight against the Qin Dynasty. Later, he was pushed out by the nobles and exiled to the Yuan and Hunan basins. He has spent all his life loyal to his country and loved his people like his son.

His profound and persistent patriotic enthusiasm, the spirit of adhering to the ideal, would rather die than surrender, pursuing the truth and boldly criticizing the reality in the political struggle, have set an example for the writers of later generations. In 《Li sao》 ,there are many poems showing the patriotism of Qu Yuan.

His poems not only depict the local conditions and customs of the State of Chu, but also show his deep affection for his hometown and the people. Qu Yuan's story is not only a period of history, but also a precious wealth of the Chinese nation.In 1953, on the occasion of the 2230th anniversary of Qu Yuan's death, the World Peace Council passed a resolution to identify Qu Yuan as one of the four major cultural celebrities in the world.

#03   After Qu Yuan, the great romantic poet —— Song Yu

Song Yu, also known as Ziyuan, advocated Lao Zhuang. He was a native of Yan during the Warring States Period and was a scholar of Chu.Born after Qu Yuan, it is said to be a disciple of Qu Yuan.

He is another great romantic poet after Qu Yuan, and the direct successor of Qu Yuan.Born after Qu Yuan, it is said to be a disciple of Qu Yuan. He is another great romantic poet after Qu Yuan, and the direct successor of Qu Yuan.Good at ci fu, after Qu Yuan,named witt tangle jingchai.His works of 《Jiu Bian》,《 Wind Fu》, 《Gao Tang Fu》 and 《Deng Tu Zi Hao Se Fu》 are quite important in the history of literature.

Songyu is very handsome, graceful, witty and brilliant. Therefore, the king of Chu often liked to accompany him and visit the Lantai Palace.



Speaking of the Lantai Palace, this is a palace with a long history, located in Zhongxiang. The palace is lofty and magnificent, and the courtyard is grand. When you step into the palace, as if through the time, back to the time of the king of Chu.The scenery here is pleasant, with dense green trees and blooming flowers, providing you with a safe haven away from the world.You can walk along the winding paths of the palace and enjoy a variety of ancient architecture and garden designs. In addition, you can also visit the place where Song Yu once lived and feel the historical traces he left here.

During the reign of King Xiang of Chu in Ying, he often talked with Song Yu about the palace of Lantai. Song Yu produced the famous works of 《Wind Fu》 and 《Questions to the King of Chu》.Therefore, there are the allusions of "the strong wind" and "the sad autumn" and the famous songs of "xia li ba ren " and "yang chun bai xue" handed down.

Many literati in the past dynasties have affirmed the evaluation of Song Yu, and even in the pen of many famous writers and poets, often like "Qu Song" mention at same time.

#04   The Chu culture and Zhong Xiang are inseparable

Zhong Xiang exudes a delicate and romantic atmosphere of Chu culture, which can be called a representative of Chu culture. Speaking of the emergence and formation of Chu culture, Zhong Xiang has made a great contribution.

Zhong Xiang played an important role in 《the Book of Songs》, including dozens of poems full of Chu thoughts, such as 《Guan Ju》 and 《Han Guang》, which were closely related to Zhong Xiang.These poems are full of the emotion and unique customs of Chu. Come to Zhongxiang, you seem to travel through time, place oneself in the cultural deposits of the ancient state of Chu.

Lantai in Zhong Xiangying is not only a place where the king of Chu and his ministers discuss state affairs, but also a place for the king of Chu and the literati to express their feelings. It can be said that LAN Tai cultivated two generations of writers of chu culture —— Qu Yuan and Song Yu.

On the bank of the Han River in the west of the city, there is the hometown of a famous artist of Chu——Mo chou village.



Mochou woman is also the pride of Zhong Xiang! The lovely young lady was not only born and grew up in Zhong Xiang, but also received the personal guidance of Qu Yuan and Song Yu.She injected the ancient tunes into the new life, skillfully integrated the elements of Chu ci and popular music; she is also a genius who inherited Liu Juanzi's music tradition, creating the exciting 《Yang chun bai xue》and other songs, so that the song and dance art of Chu reached the peak! Her works are very moving, for a time in the folk legend, widely spread.



Indeed!, Zhong Xiang is a treasure-like place! It preserves 19 sites chu cultural and historical , some of which are more famous have lantai site, that is the site of chu cultural palace! There is also the site of Qu Yuan's piano, where you can imagine him sitting there playing the music. Don't forget Song Yu's mansion and the ruins of the remainder, where you can see the source of inspiration for his poems.


莫愁村 钟国庆/摄

There are also Mochou Women's hometown Mochou Village, Mochou Lake and Mochou Ferry, which must be full of music and joy. She is in the Yangchun platform and the Snow building these places to practice dancing and singing, imagine her dancing, singing the scene there, it is simply intoxicating!

More than that, there are the ruins of Hengmu Mountain of King Wu of Chu, as well as the eagle platform and the eagle platform, imagine the magnificent hunting scene! There are Wu Zixu chasing the king of Chu Ping Zixu Tai, really let a person sigh the mark of history.

Through the records of chu documents, we can see the charm of Chu culture distributed by Zhongxiang, a famous historical and cultural city. Poetry, articles, songs and dances, colorful, just like a gorgeous picture scroll, let people dizzying, relaxed and happy. Come to Zhong Xiang, and feel the vibrant and glorious Chu culture together!