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RimiXlight x New Layout Zhongxiang Selenium-Rich Rice
Product Introduction: RimiXlight x New Layout Zhongxiang Selenium-Rich Rice, produced in the "World Longevity Township" of Zhongxiang, Hubei. Leveraging the unique advantage of being grown in a selenium-rich region, it offers a dual guarantee of health and nutrition. Through rigorous testing and RFID technology for full traceability, from cultivation to harvest,RimiXlight ensures the quality of each package of Se-rich rice. Our rice is rich in selenium, a beneficial element for human health, providing you with a healthy and nutritious supplement. Choose RimiXlight x New Layout Zhongxiang Selenium-Rich Rice to taste the combination of health and deliciousness, adding quality and satisfaction to your diet.
Mo Chou Lao Xian Weng Rice
Product Introduction: Zhongxiang Selenium-Rich Rice grown in the "Golden Grain Belt" at the 30th north latitude, our selenium-rich rice benefits from a unique microclimate, abundant sunlight of 2000 hours, day-night temperature differences conducive to rice nutrient accumulation, and pollution-free irrigation with cold water. With an extended growth period of 150 days, our selenium-rich rice has a direct amylose content of only 13.3%. This combination of factors brings together the best characteristics of both northern and southern rice varieties. In appearance, the grains are slender, glossy, and uniformly plump. In taste , it possesses the elasticity of southern rice and the softness of northern rice, offering a delightful sweetness upon consumption . Each grain of rice is nurtured by this fertile land, continuously accumulating energy and forming its rich nutritional profile.